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ID Authentication


A Global Solution

Equipped with rapid age verification and anti passback, our unmatched ID scanning technology also allows you to accommodate both domestic and international guests by scanning any drivers license and passport from any country around the world.

Fake ID Detection

Help staff quickly and efficiently spot fake IDs while you rest easy knowing your venue is compliant


If a particular ID has been scanned multiple times at other locations within a certain period of time, it will be flagged

99.9% Accuracy

Our comprehensive ID scanning technology, dramatically increases your chances of catching an invalid ID

Age Verification

Protect your venue from underage drinking, which can save you thousands of dollars

Why anubis?

Reduce Risk Exposure

Implementing Anubis reduces the risk of potential penalties to your venue. If you can show the state that you are taking reasonable efforts to eliminate underage alcohol sales, you may not be held liable if it accidentally occurs.

Approximately 11 states have already passed affirmative defense provision laws to protect establishments where alcohol is served. But even if you don’t live in one of those states, your exposure to risk can still be protected by using handheld ID scanners for bars.


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